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Did you know that Budapest and Hungary are one of the richest cities / countries of thermal water springs?

It is a very important fact that Hungary takes the third place in the world concerning thermal water and mineral springs. A daily 350,000 m3 of thermal waters break to the surface from natural springs and drilled wells around the country.

Hungary is the ideal place for anyone wishing to enjoy a spa vacation. In addition to spas, they'll find countless cultural, sports and other facilities right across the country.

Indeed, guests will find a really "warm" welcome in no less than 400 thermal establishments in more than 100 places.

The abundance of medicinal waters in Budapest is unparalleled (a total of 118 different sources). This capital city is featuring the highest number of medical thermal springs in the world. There is probably no other capital city on the globe with swimming pools and bathing halls dating back to the Turkish occupation and still in use today, with thermal spas irradiating the rich colours and forms of Art Nouveau and featuring one of the largest spas in Europe.

In the countryside we can recommend the second largest thermal water lake of the world in Héviz. Harkány near Pécs, the Turkish bath tradition of Eger and the largest spa center of Hajdúszoboszló are alternatives for relaxation and healing treatments.

A selection of our suggestions:
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Hotel Aquincum *****
Danubius Thermal &
Conference Hotel Hélia
Danubius Thermal
Hotel Margitsziget
Holiday Beach Hotel ****


Hotel Greenfield ****
Danubius Thermal &
Sport Hotel Bük
Hunguest Hotel Répce ***


Hotel Aquaticum


Hotel Eger Park


Hotel Aquasol
Hotel Silver ****


Danubius Thermal Hotel Héviz ****
Danubius Thermal Hotel Aqua ****
NaturMed Hotel Carbona ****
Hotel Helios ***


Hotel Kék Duna Wellness


Hotel Azur
Hotel Panoráma ****


Hotel Sport Lővér
Hotel Fagus ****


Hotel Venus
Hotel Karos Spa ****