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Hungary has much more to offer than only goulash soup, puszta, gypsy music and horses. As an all-round incoming tour operator Budapest would like to show its guests other precious attractions of Hungary.

Did you know ...:

  • that Budapest is situated exactly in the middle of Europe ...?
  • that Budapest is the only capital in the world where thermal water springs can be found in the city centre ..?
  • that caves under the city of Budapest are a unique attraction in Europe ...?
  • that Aktiv Tours has its own guesthouse and apartment Boulevard City ..?
  • that Budapest offers different kinds of programs related to culture, nature, history, culinary, sport, adventure, music  ..?
  • that Budapest is called "The Pearl of the Danube" ...?
  • that Budapest is a popular destination of city trip ..?
  • that the second biggest synagogues of the world stands in Budapest ..?
  • that Hungary is one of the richest countries at thermal water springs ..?
  • that several attractions in Hungary are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list ...?
    (Hollókő, Aggtelek, Pannonhalma, Lake Fertő, Hortobágy, Pécs, Tokaj, Budapest)
  • that the hotels in Hungary offer besides comfort special atmosphere and traditional architecture ..?
  • that the Hungarian wines are world famous ...?
  • that Hungary offers more interesting cities than only Budapest ...?
  • that Lake Balaton is Europe's largest freshwater lake by surface...?


We summarized only a few suggestions why Hungary is a unique destination. More ideas you will find in our programs. On request we will customize the programs for your people and their budget!

For further information please go to our program suggestions, or simply get a quote.