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The largest event of year 2006 - Fokolare Volunteer fest organised by Aktiv Tours Budapest

Probably one event in every 17 year - the Focolare Volunteer fest was the biggest ever organised conference in the life of Aktiv Tours in September 2006.

The international conference hosted 11.700 registered participants from 98 countries, 5 continents. The conference was held in the Budapest Sportarena with interpretation to 27 languages in total. Aktiv Tours were the PCO of this conference, organising beside the accommodation all the programs to the conference, pre-conference as well as all the leisure programs for 1 week stay for the participants.

Please find here a small article about the conference which was published afterwards:

"It's the 14th September 2006 in Budapest and an invasion is underway. Men and women of all ages and social stations have descended on the city from every continent and 98 countries, to celebrate an anniversary: the launch by Chiara Lubich of the Volunteers for God - this was a 'Volunteer fest', a huge and spectacularly rich celebration of a branch of the Focolare Movement which has existed now for 50 years."

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