Accommodation possibilities

City centre? Vivid nightlife? Comfortable beds? – YES!

We are pleased to offer to our student groups nice and clean hotels and hostels which offer rooms suitable for their pockets.

Should they need single beds or private rooms in hostels or should they wish to stay in a proper hotel we can arrange it!


Please check out some of our suggestions:

Program offers for our student groups

Aktiv Tours is pleased to announce that thanks to its rich network of contacts and its many decades of experience we are able to arrange all kind of company and factory visits to our student groups.

Is your group interested in production? Would they visit a car factory? Are their studies related to company management? Do they wish to hear about the Hungarian education system and meet Hungarian students?  Would they taste a drink where it is produced? Do they wish to see a functioning power plant? – If the answer is yes you are at the right place!

All you have to do is scroll down and find the best visit of your needs. Choose from our large selection of different companies from all kind of industry!



Watching the production of machines, tools and any other merchandise right next to the production line is definitely an experience you wouldn’t forget in a while.

By choosing a company visit at a car factory you can take an inner look of the car production, moreover you can also check how does your favorite car look like in pieces, before it is put together.

The production of household appliances can be also an interesting program for student groups whose studies are related to mechanics.

Company visit


Gain insight into the operation of a company! Understand the every-day processes of a functioning firm, see where do the news come from in a newspaper!

Hard industry


Did you know that Hungary has a nuclear power plant? And that we operate many other kind of power plants? In our small country you can see with your eyes and study from close how does a nuclear power plant, an oil refinery, a water power plant and a wind power plant work.

Food&Beverage Industry


„Learn and taste!” – This could be the motto of such visits, because during a visit at a liquor factory guests can see and understand the preparation mode of several liquors and after a visited tour they can even taste them!



Diplomacy and education system in Hungary, meeting with Hungarian students, seeing how people with special need are threated – just some of our alternative program suggestions for our student groups.


Farm visits


During a farm visit the students can see up close the typical farm animals of the Hungarian countryside.

Hearing about the livestock in Hungary from a real Hungarian farmer will surely point out things from another angle. If you have ever heard about the Hungarian hospitality you can be sure that it is even warmer and more generous in the countryside! Groups are always offered a piece of cheese, fruit, and sausage – anything from their seasonal products.

And of course if the group would like to take an active break or the students are more into the culture we have something for them too!


Active programs


Fun and relaxing in Budapest, discovering the city with alternative vehicles.

Forget about the usual boat cruise! Let’s get into a soft rafting boat, grab a paddle and roam the river Danube!

An entire underground maze waits to be discovered, descend into the cave systems under the Hungarian capital or just walk along easy paths – it’s up to you which way you choose.

Why would you bother your legs? Bike around Budapest or the surrounding Buda mountains with professional guides!

Cultural programs


We can organise for our student groups all kind of cultural visits, in churches, museums, synagogues and to different exhibitions as well.

Other activities


And of course many other activities are on our list such as all kind of city tours with guides, Danube river cruise (also night cruise is available!) and coffee breaks for student groups.

Don’t miss out the interactive strudel making program which finishes of course with the tasting of the baked strudel.