Thematic sightseeing tours in Budapest


Architecture-themed city tours

Budapest, the Pearl of Danube is characterized by several architecture styles thanks to its rich history. In the past various nations left their fingerprint on our capital and of course the people of Budapest have always been keeping up with the trends so it isn’t a coincidence at all.

The most conspicuous examples are the Roman architecture, the Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau and the modern architecture just to name a few of them.

This diversity allows us to show for our guests the Hungarian capital from many perspectives during our guided architecture themed tours.

During such a city tour (which can be done even on foot) we are happy to introduce our rich architecture to our guests. Let us lead you through the different eras with the help of the most significant buildings of each era.

Coloured Budapest – Painted firewalls


In Budapest a lot of firewalls have been renovated and with colourful paintings decorated in the last years. During this tour the guests can discover a different face of Budapest. If you are interested in street art and in the secrets of the colourful firewalls, don’t miss this tour.


Antique shops in Budapest


During this tour you can visit Budapest’s famous gallery and antique shop street to get a look at some of the most prestigious galleries and auction houses in town, moving on to cosier antique stores; then an art deco antique and gift shop displaying furniture and souvenirs dating back to the 19th century. We then descend into the city’s largest cellar-gallery, where antique furniture is displayed alongside vintage paintings and contemporary art works.


Music-themed sightseeing tour

Budapest among other titles could apply for sure for the title of ‘The city of the music’. During a music-themed city tour guests can hear and learn about famous Hungarian composers, they will know what ‘Kodály-method’ means and why it is applied all over the word and they visit the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy which has an important role in Budapest’s musical life and of course we shouldn’t forget about the architectural value of the building!

Photo tour – shoot like a professional


Learn how to take better photographs of Budapest’s historic and hidden sights in the company of a professional photographer guide. See Budapest in a photograph to rival famous Hungarian photographers, such as Robert Capa, Martin Munkácsy, Andre Kertész, and more.


Market Walks – Farmer’s markets and Antique & Design fairs in Budapest


Budapest’s market life is not only about the Great Market Hall. In the last years the city became the venue to numerous of vivid markets and fairs, where you can taste the most delicious home made products, or brows from antique treasures and brand new wares made by young Hungarian designers.


Gastro tour

In a gastro-tour we can include not only tastings, but preparations as well. Discover with us the tricks of hand-crafted chocolate making and let us show you how a true-Hungarian ‘strudel’ is prepared. During our ‘flavoured’ tours we can guarantee that you won’t be starving, but still you will be asking for more.

Thematic tours in the countryside


Pilgrimage tours

The history of the Hungarian state is the same age as Christianity in Hungary, our first king, Stephan I., introduced the Christianity in our country and established archbishoprics, bishoprics and monasteries. The religion always played an important role in Hungary, therefore you can find several religious memories in our country. Join us and discover one of the pilgrimage routes of Hungary which are of particular interest because of their rich spiritual, natural and environmental importance.

The Western-Eastern wing of Saint Mary pilgrimage path in Central Europe stretches between Mariazell in Austria and Csíksomlyó in Transylvania. It is about 1400 km long and can be visited within 60 days on foot. A significant section of the pilgrimage route (approximately 750 km) runs across Hungary. The sign of the path refers to Mary and Christianity at the same time, and also to the concept that a pilgrimage route bridges distances and differences between peoples.

The Saint Martin way was qualified by the Council of Europe in 2005 a pilgrimage route, which joins the different venues of the life of the much wandering bishop, Saint Martin. The 2500 km long route which stretches between Szombathely (Hungary), the birth place of Martin, and Candes-Saint Martin (France), has been supplemented with several shorter pilgrimage routes which lead the pilgrims to the places of worship of Saint Martin.

The Saint Elizabeth Way was founded in the honour of Saint Elisabeth, one of the most well-known saints of the Middle Ages, connecting important venues of her life. The total length of the pilgrimage route, indicated by a red rose, is approximately 100 km. Two thirds of the way stretches through the spectacular Zemplén Mountains of Hungary while one third of it stretches across Slovakia. The route starts in Sárospatak in Hungary, the hometown of Saint Elisabeth.

Agricultural professional programs for groups


We can provide special itineraries with agricultural visits for professional groups.

In the following list you can see some examples for agricultural visits.

  • Törley champagne cellar in Budapest
  • Zwack Unicum Visitor Center and Museum in Budapest
  • Cattle farm in Kocsér
  • Cheese manufactory around Eger
  • Cheese making and cheese tasting in Etyek
  • Rendek Biofarm at the Hungarian Puszta
  • Pálinka manufactory e.g.: Etyek, Kecskemét
  • Visit of family wine cellars
  • Paprika farm e.g.: Kalocsa, Cece
  • Milk manufacture in Etyek
  • Venison processing
  • “Tastes of Mecsek “- special agricultural products
  • Agricultural machinery in Törökszentmiklós
  • Genbank, generic farming in Tápiószele

Garden tour in Hungary:


This program takes us through the most famous gardens and castle parks of Hungary. Discover the unique botanical garden “Füvészkert” in the heart of Budapest, have a walk through the Margaret Island, the most popular public park in the Hungarian capital, and be enchanted by the rose garden and the beauty of it Japanese garden. Not only in Budapest but also in its surroundings you can find beautiful castles and gardens. Visit the castle of Gödöllő, which was the favorite residency of Sissi in Hungary, with its beautiful garden. The castle of Count Károlyi is located in Fót. The well-known aristocratic family Károlyi had his estates here, who gave Hungarians many great personalities. Near to Danube Bend, on the left bank of the Danube lies Vácrátót, whose botanical garden still has the most important and rich botanical collection in Hungary in an area of ​​about 22 ha. It is also worth visiting the arboretum in Alcsút, where the flora of the arboretum, a plant collection of 540 tree species, is the result of a planting of the 19th century. About 35 km south of Budapest, the castle Brunszwick, named after the noble family, can be found in Martonvásár. The castle is surrounded by a very beautiful English landscape garden. It is also possible to crown our beautiful garden trip with a wine tasting in Etyek, in the Etyek-Buda wine region.

Active program proposals


For the lovers of adventure, adrenaline and exciting experience we recommend our active programs in our beautiful land and also abroad.

Free your mind in the nature, switch off your brain while hiking up to new heights and listen to the sound of the Hungarian forest while taking care of your health.

Bike tours

Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and have been enjoying unrestrained popularity ever since.

Nowadays bicycles play in important role in the tourism as well, as many people decide to abandon the regular vehicles and choose a ride instead of.

Our guided bike tours lead through varied and delightful landscapes on safe roads offering an exciting combination of sport and culture.

Bike around the biggest lake of Hungary, the Balaton, discover the wild-life of the Tisza lake from bike and let us show you the most beautiful cities of the countryside from a different point of view.

Walking holidays

  1. Walking Holiday in Hungary

The astonishing Hungarian countryside is an excellent choice for walking tours. For our guests we can offer walking tours with different levels of difficulty in order to guarantee that everyone finds what is for their taste.

Walk through the Hungarian mountains following easy and challenging paths, discover the everyday life of the countryside people, taste the traditional meals of our country and let our professional walking guides guide you through an experience you’ll never forget.

  1. Walking Holiday in Austria

Just right in our neighbourhood we are happy to organise for our groups walking tours in the Austrian Alps.

During spring and summer time the declivous ski slopes are the best walking locations and in the meantime, to the higher mountains cable cars are taking up the adventure people to the highest “Horns”.

During a weekly tour you can experience the so called “Hütte-feeling” in all-year-around open “Hüttes” which are waiting for the tired travellers with refreshing coolers and warm drinks in chilly days.

These holidays are the best choice for those who wish to relax in an active way and challenge themselves during a weekly trip.




We have good news to present also to the lovers of speed and adrenaline – to the lovers of motorsports!

Formula I

The Hungarian circuit, the Hungaroring has been entertaining the F1 fans since 1986. Be part of this exciting experience, join to the Hungaroring cheer-team with Aktiv Tours! We can arrange tickets for all categories and while the Formula I pilots are taking care of your entertainment let us take care of your comfort.

Training camps

For our sport-orientated groups we can arrange training camps all over the country, and even more! We can also arrange rehearsal-games with Hungarian teams in many kind of sport.

Choir Groups

Need a place to sing? You are just at the right place to ask for! Budapest, the city of music is rich of beautiful concert halls and elegant churches where we can arrange performances for our groups.