Budapest and its surroundings

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and it lies on both banks of the Danube. Its older part, Buda, is situated on the hilly west bank; Pest is on the flat east. The two parts of the city are joined by nine bridges. The city of Budapest has been officially created in 1873 by the merger of the neighboring cities of Pest, Buda and Óbuda.


Did you know Hungary has also a sea? The Lake Balaton, proudly called „Hungarian sea” is situated 100 km away from Budapest; it’s 79 m of lenght makes it the biggest lake in Central Europe. It is divided into 2 shores that are really different: the South shore is more touristic part with high hotels and numerous beaches, while on the North one can find historical settlements, tourist attractions, sights and famous wineries. Discover the best places around the lake and keep reading!



Hungary is one of the oldest European countries. We can say that as a fact that architecturally Hungary is a real treasure trove, it has literally everything that you can just imagine, from Roman city ruins and medieval townhouses to baroque churches, art nouveau thermal baths and neoclassical public buildings. And you will not only find these gems of architecture in the capital, Budapest, but you will be able to discover them at every turn if you walk through any of the many historical cities that can be found in the country.