Budapest is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful cities; it is also called the Pearl of the Danube. It is cut in two by the Danube, with hills and valleys on the Buda side, and plains on the Pest side. The two sides are connected with a series of majestic bridges. Budapest sits on a patchwork of more than 120 thermal springs, as a result the local bath culture dates back to the Roman times. The choice of baths in the capital is generous – you can select from Turkish-era, modern or even art nouveau establishments to spend there a relaxing day.

Budapest always has something special to offer, during every season of the year, for all the generations. It is the perfect example of the cohabitation of the antique and the modern, both in culture, arts, music, fashion, gastronomy and nightlife. You can find traditional „csárda” restaurants with gipsy music, hip street food trucks and fine-dining or even molecular gastronomy places in the same neighbourhood.

We are organizing tailor made tours to meet exactly your needs. Whether your expectation is to know all the cultural heritages of the city, participate in thematic sightseeings, get to know the local gastronomy and be an active part of it with cooking courses, familiarize with the local designers and high class fashion shops or do some shopping in one of the flea markets, or to try the unique escape games or the nightlife in one of the particular ruin pubs.

We are here to offer you all the new experiences of this always evolving city and to make your stay unforgettable.