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  • Folklore dinner with wine and Gipsy music
  • Coffee and cake in a traditional café in Budapest
  • Farmer wedding near Budapest
  • Boat trip on the Danube incl. drink
  • Dinner cruise by candlelight and music
  • 2-hours-long boat trip on the Danube with dinner and folklore program
    (3-course meal without drinks, scheduled ship trip)
  • Folklore ticket
  • Operetta or Opera ticket
  • Waltz and Operetta concert
    Melodies of Strauss - Lehár - Kálmán - Stolz. The program is in the famous
    Gerbeaud House. A wonderful musical evening
  • Operetta concert in the City Theatre in Pest
    The most beautiful melodies from the famous operettas like the Csárdás Queen, Merry Widow, Gipsy Baron etc
  • Danube concert in the Danube Palace
    Classical music (Berlioz, Bartók, Liszt, Strauss). The best of Strauss and Mozart in the Buda Castle. The most wonderful melodies of the Gipsy Baron, Magic Flute etc.
  • Visit to the Opera or Operetta Theatre
    A special guided the backstage tour, where you can see the wardrobes of the
    artists, props stores and the stage technique. At the end have a coffee with cake
    during a short performance of famous operetta songs
    (only in Operetta theatre)
  • Parliament visit
    - free of charge for citizens of the European Union
    Only guided tours are possible
  • Jewish Budapest
    A tour along the Danube to the St. Stephen's Park (Memorial of World War II.) in
    the New Leopold-City, former district of the Jewish middle class, then you visit the
    second largest synagogue of the world, the Jewish Museum, the Jewish Garden
    with the Tree of Life, such like the temple of the heroes. You have lunch in one of
    the original Kosher-Restaurants in Budapest.
  • Marketplace-program in Budapest
    The program is going on in the large market hall, in one of the sightseeing places in
    Budapest. The group will be welcomed by a drink, test of the Hungarian specialities,
    as Hungarian salami, sausage, house made bread, cheese. The guests can walk to
    the cooker and try the meat as it is cooked by the housewives at home to their
    families as bean soup with knuckle, stuffed cabbage, marrow with dill.
    (On Sunday and public holidays closed)
  • Wellnessprogram in Budapest
    One of the most interesting free-time-activities is taking part in a wellness program
    in Budapest. There are several possibilities for it in Budapest, in the Wellness
    Centre of a hotel. The guests can enjoy warm-air-bath, steam bath, sauna,
    massage, fitness room with trainer and an adequate light meals with low calorie-
    contain (salad with 2 rolls).
  • Wine tasting in the "House of Hungarian wines" in Budapest
    Wine tasting and museum visit in the wine-cellar. This wine-cellar is unique in
    Europe. Represents 1000 sorts of wines from 22 wine regions of Hungary with
    professional guiding. During the wine tour our guests can get acquainted with
    the characteristics of the different wine regions. They can taste 50 sorts of wine.
  • Town of wine and champagne:  Budafok
    A huge system of cellars and caves, an underground town, the former Swabian
    town with the largest wooden barrel filled with wine. You visit the oldest champagne
    factory of Hungary, the Törley-factory, a presentation of the traditional production
    and a wine and champagne tasting are included.
  • Danube Legend
    We invite you to a one-hour boat trip. By a glass of wine the legends of Budapest
    will come to life. While your eyes are wandering behind the walls of the Royal
    Palace, the Margaret Island, the bridges and other wonderful sights of the city,
    these beautiful sights tell you their stories.
  • Budapest - cave system
    Budapest is the only capital of the world where you can find a whole system of
    caves under the city. A huge cave system was created by the thermal water in the
    limestone hills, which is thought to be more than 100 km long. A cave tour with
    professional guiding takes about 2,5 hours. Overall, helmet and lamps are
  • On the trails of Queen Sissi
    Half-day excursion to Gödöllő with guiding. The royal palace, one of the most
    preferred palaces of Queen Elisabeth, is not only the biggest Baroque palace in
    Hungary, but with its area of 17000 sq m it is one of the significant palaces of the
    world. The life of the Baroque aristocracy and the royal court, and even cultural
    sites of Queen Elisabeth are exhibited in the castle: imperial appartements,
    ceremonial hall, chapel, riding hall, orangerie.
  • Lázár Riding-Park in Gödöllő
    35 km from Budapest, in the heart of the country side Gödöllő, where the stud
    of world famous horses ridden by the Lázár brothers is located. It truly represents
    Hungarian village-life. Reception with spirits and home-made scones, then horse
    show, carriage ride, a visit to a typical homestead and stable.
    Lunch with Hungarian
    specialities, wine and Gipsy music. Also possible as night program with dinner.
  • Puszta Olympics
  • Sissi program in Lázár Park
    Sissi will arrive by horse. Sissi will accompany the guest during the horse show. Afterwards Sissi will show her riding skills as well. Group photo with Queen Sissi. This program can be well combined with a "Lángos party", where guests will get to know the secrets of preparing of the Hungarian lángos. After the "cooking course" you can taste your own Lángos.
  • The "other" Danube Bend: Szentendre - Visegrád - Vác - Gödöllő.
    Trip to Szentendre and Visegrád. By ferry to Vác (attractive Baroque city) and a
    guided tour in the Royal castle of Gödöllő
  • Tournament in Visegrád (20 km from Budapest) in medieval atmosphere.
    Short program: 1 -1,5 hour
    Welcome by the knights of the order of St. George, information
    about the program, tournament, visiting the rooms of the knights, small cold plate on
    the terrace of the tower.
    Long program: 3- 4 hour
    Participation on the tournament with the king and his royal escort and finally
    medieval dinner in Restaurant Renaissance, they serve the menu in costume and
    meanwhile medieval music is played.



  • The best of Strauss and Mozart
    The amazing melodies of the Gipsy Baron, The Magic Flute etc. A concert in the Festetics Castle in Keszthely
    Special performance organised by Aktiv Tours
    see www.schlossfestspiele.hu
  • Lunch or dinner by Gipsy music
  • Wine tasting with cold plate in a wine-cellar
  • A short cellar programme in Badacsony
    A short wine tasting in cellar, afterwards kettle Gulash, cold plate and 0,2 l wine.
  • Eastherplay in Badacsony
    Visiting of a folk art house, a short organ concert in the only basalt church of
    Europe, Eastherlunch by folklor programme, greeting of spring, egg painting,
    the ladies, according to Hungarian habits, will be sprinkled with water.
  • Lake Balaton round trip (incl. lunch)
    Tihany and Balatonfüred sightseeing, ferry trip, opportunity for bathing in Hévíz
  • Csárdásparty
    Typical dinner with wine in a pleasant csárda, with colourful folklore programme and
    Gipsy music.
  • Cellar party at Lake Balaton in Balatonföldvár or Badacsony
    Welcome with spirit, afterwards there is a real kettle Goulash, and meat specialities
    from open fire, with wine.
  • Gipsy festival
    Welcome with spirit and snack, dinner at camp fire with unlimited wine
    consumption, fiery dances and music.
  • Puszta programme in the surrounding of the Lake Balaton
    For example in Szántódpuszta on the southern coast (welcome with spirit and
    pogatsa, horse show, carriage riding, lunch with wine in a nice csárda by Gipsy
  • Felsőörs - outside of the tourists crowds
    Dinner with delicacies of the region and fitting wines and live music.
  • Boat trip at Lake Balaton - 1 hour + 1 glass of champagne
  • 2-hour-long boat trip at Lake Balaton incl. dinner
  • Visit of the nature reserve "Small Balaton"
    with guiding incl. bird and buffalo reserve
  • Vintage program at Lake Balaton
    full day with boat trip, lunch, dinner
    half day with boat trip, lunch
  • Jeep tour in Badacsony
    Short trip with Jeeps (6 pax per car) in the Balaton mountains.
  • Nostalgia programme in Badacsony
    1-hour-long boat trip at Lake Balaton incl. 1 glass of champagne, jeep tour to
    Kisfaludy-house in the Balaton mountains, dinner incl. unlimited wine
    consumption, nostalgia music.
  • Roundtrip around Lake Balaton with the most significant sights on both coasts.
    Tihany with the abbey church, Keszthely and Hévíz, even a ferry crossing Tihany-
    Szántód or inversely. Incl. entrance in the abbey church and ferry crossing.
  • Veszprém - Herend excursion
    Guided walk round the old bishop's town, Veszprém, with an impressing castle
    district. Travelling on to Herend and visiting the well-known factory, where hand-
    made and hand-painted porcelain is produced. In the museum selected pieces you
    can have a glance in the history of the company. This price includes opportunity for
    shopping, entrance and guiding.
  • "Gipsy love" in Zalacsány
    Romance and passion, Gipsy dancing festival and horse show in two acts. During
    this great show you can experience the colourful and adventurous life, typical
    dances and clothes of the Hungarian gypsies, wedding celebration and dinner.
  • "1000 years on horseback" programme in Zalacsány
    A fascinating rider-show with scenes from the Hungarian history. This is a horse-
    show with lots of music and dance. It consists of 3 parts, takes about 2,5 hours, and
    shows the whole history of Hungary from the Conquest till the 20th century. Puszta-,
    betyar- and husarshow. It is an interactive performance in traditional costumes and
    music, where the spectators are involved in the performance. The programme
    finishes with an unforgettable dinner.


  • Puszta-romance
    Welcome by horse herds with spirit, afterwards carriage
    ride and rider shows, lunch with characteristic meals,
    with wine and Gipsy music
  • Reception in the town palace of Kecskemét
  • Hortobágy Puszta (near Debrecen)
    A steppe of 300 km with more than 100.000 ha.
    This national park protects
    the natural attractions of the region and demonstrates the preserved life of the
    ancient Hungarian Puszta.Riding show, coach driving, carriage riding, horse-
    riding, and lunch in the famous csárda.
  • Hungarian Rapsody in Bakodpuszta
    Horse programme, carriage ride, bread and dripping, wine, apricot brandy,
    pogatcha, lunch with folklore programme, handicraftsmen, Gipsy music
  • Melodies and lashes
    The 1000-year-old town Kalocsa is the home of Hungarian spicy paprika,
    sightseeing tour, organ concert in the cathedral, horse show, carriage riding,
    bread and dripping, wine, apricot brandy, pogatcsa, presentation of the
    hand craftsmen
  • Tour to the country of paprika
    Kalocsa: homeland of red gold, meeting at the folk art house, refreshing,
    journey to the paprika plantation, harvest, picnic on the plantation, visiting
    the paprika museum, dinner in the Csárda, afterwards the method of paprika
    harvest is shown. Typical wallpainting, embroidery and egg-painting will be
    presented. Folklore programme.
  • Wine village HAJÓS - cellar part
    Ensemble of Swabians greets the group with wine, bread, sour cream and
    sausage. Walking in the cellar-village, visiting several cellars. Lunch or dinner
    by Swabian art.
  • Visiting the National Historical Park in Ópusztaszer
    If someone would like to get know the Hungarian history and the
    traditions, he/she should visit Ópusztaszer. One of the sensations of
    the park is the Feszti-cyclorama, Entry of the Magyars. The leading
    persons of the land are shown in the waxworks. Leader Árpád, ruin-
    garden, House of Hungary. Performance of the open-air museum.
    Rider of the Shaman times.
  • "Hidden treasures in Hungary"
    A few decades ago it was decided to establish a lake in the middle of the
    Great Plain. This unique, interesting area, which was set up through the
    4 swelling up of the water of the River Tisza, and reaches the area of 127
    square km, is called Tisza Lake. On the largest lake field of this continent are
    blooming lily-roses, marsh marigold and the water chestnut. Especially those,
    who would like to visit the lake by boat, can see the hidden treasures of the
    lake, and other countless wonders. The bird reserve, which is situated in the
    Northern part of the lake, became part of the National Park Hortobágy and it
    is under environmental protection. Here you can go only by boat. In this
    countryside has developed the most beautiful and richest heron colony of
    Hungary. But also falcons can be found here. During a 2-hour trip can get to
    know this unforgettable sites, afterwards we get kettle Goulash, with a bottle of
    wine and mineral water on the bank in the open air.


  • A whole-day excursion in Eger 
    This wonderful town is considered to be a gem at the feet of the Bükk
    mountains, and it is one of the earliest Episcopal sees. The region is even the
    centre of Hungarian wine production, and home of Egri Bikavér ("Bull blood
    of Eger"). You also visit the castle and the rich decorated Baroque Cathedral.
    In Eger is situated the Valley of Beautiful Women, where wine-cellars and
    guest houses are waiting for guests with delicious lunch and wine tasting.
    The price includes entrance to the castle and a short organ concert in the
    Baroque Cathedral.
  • Vintage program in Eger (half day)
  • Vintage program in Tokaj
  • Wine sampling with cold plate in Eger
  • Wine sampling with cold plate in Tokaj
  • Country wedding in the vicinity of Eger ("Matyó-wedding")
    "Unique dancing shed": prearranged customs, specialities of the Hungarian
    cuisine and this happy being together gives you an unforgettable experience.
  • Wine-knight test in Eger
    Min. 20 persons, sightseeing in Eger, organ concert, travelling to the
    valley of the beautiful women, Gipsy music, showing the grapes during
    a cheerful ceremony. Choosing the best drinker. The wine-knight
    receives a diploma. Lunch or dinner with Gipsy music.
  • Hollóko program
    Old village, member of the World Heritage, outdoor village museum,
    the women of the village greets the guests according to the old
    customs and shows the traditions of spinning. The little wooden church
    and the protected houses are the witnesses of the folk art of the 15th
    Beautiful woodcarvings will be presented. During lunch or dinner
    there is dancing and singing with folk ensemble.
  • Trout grill according to Hungarian cuisine in Szilvásvárad
    Szilvásvárad is near Eger. Travel to Szilvásvárad, visiting the famous
    Lipitzan stud, travelling by carriages, then going to Szalajka-valley by
    the narrow track railway, where the guests take part in a trout-party.
    Each participant gets a trout, a slice of bacon and a lance.
  • Treasure of Mátraderecske: Mofetta
    Mátraderecske is situated in a distance of 120 km from Budapest, at the
    beginning of the Mátra mountains. Here can be found the in Hungary the
    place of occurrence of unique curative gas. This eruption would declared as
    curative gas. The gas with its 93-95% carbon dioxide content is used in form
    of dry bath (Mofetta) for medical purposes. The word Mofetta is applied by
    the geologists to a volcanic gas with high carbon dioxide concentrate and
    relative low temperature. This curative gas is excellent for treatment of high
    blood pressure, diabetics, heart and blood-vessel diseases (in the legs). This
    bath can be used only by presence of medicinal specialists. One cure is
    consists of 15 treatments, each of these take 25-30 minutes.
  • Aggtelek - part of the world heritage
    In 1995 the stalagmite cave in the Karst of Aggtelek would declared as
    heritage of mankind. The stalagmite cave is a cave with beautiful karst
    forms. The underground rock halls and the giant dripstone phantoms lead the
    visitors to a land of fairy tales. In the underground concert hall we can offer at
    your request a musical performance for extra charge.
  • Boat trip on the Upper Tisza
    This boat trip offers an unforgettable experience in this untouched area.


  • Visiting the Zsolnay porcelain factory in Pécs
  • Visiting of Pannonia Champagne house in Pécs
  • Wine sampling with snack in Villány
  • Wine sampling with cold plate in Villány
  • Dinner with wine and Gipsy music in a csarda
  • Dinner with wine and Swabian music in a csarda
  • Meeting the nature of hunting field Gemenc by Szekszárd
    Let you spoil by the natural treasures. The hunting area of Gemenc is a 50
    thousand hectare big flood area along the River Danube, between Budapest  
    and Pécs. Here can be found a similar flora to the ancient virgin forest. The
    branches of the Danube make the forest diversified. The forest can be
    visited by a small railway and even by boat (1-3-hour long trip). The small
    railway leads through the forest, among the trees and glades, where
    sometimes deer, wild boars can be seen. We will finish this programme with
    a delicious lunch .


  • Visiting and beer tasting in the brewery in Sopron
  • Pannonhalma - part of the world heritage
    Visiting and guiding in the 1000-year-old abbey. The oldest and still existing
    unharmed Gothic ceiling in the Basilica, Renaissance - carvings and one of
    the biggest libraries of the Benedictines.
  • 1-hour boat trip at the Lake Fertő
  • Carriage ride around the Lake Fertő (half an hour)
  • Dinner with wine in an intimate csarda
  • Visiting the horse hall in Bábolna (ca. 1 hour)
    World-famous Arabian horse breed, carriage and hunting museum
  • Entrance and guiding in the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd by Sopron
    One of the biggest Baroque Palaces in Hungary, where the court musician
    composed his world-famous melodies.
  • Entrance and guiding in the Széchenyi Palace in Nagycenk
    This 200 years old palace was the home of the Count Széchenyi, the great
    reformer of the 19th century.

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